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If you need to buy generic potency first, it is very important to choose the one that is ideal for your body. Modern pharmacies and online shops offer a large selection and the experiment will be very long, expensive and, above all, risky.

That is why our online pharmacy offers sample packs with various medications to evaluate the effect. Generic Viagra, Levitra and Cialis are included in every test package that we offer for men.

Cialis is used to restore erectile function. The main component in this case is tadalafil. It is this component that stimulates blood flow to the erectile tissue of the penis and normalizes the erection. The penis becomes firm and firm. Cialis causes a very "mild" effect that increases with intercourse. The duration of the campaign lasts up to one and a half days.

The most popular drug in the test pack is Viagra. Its main effect is achieved through the presence of sildenafil. Blood flow is directed to the genitals during arousal, which increases the term in length and volume and also enables a permanent erection. The effect of Viagra is very powerful and "sharp", it lasts for several hours.

Another pill included in the test pack is Levitra, which is made on the basis of Vardenafil. The advantage of this drug is that it can be used by men with cardiovascular diseases. Levitra, like Viagra, has a rather "hard" effect that gives a man a stable erection for several hours.

All of the above can be combined with fatty foods with alcohol, but are subject to certain conditions. Chronic diseases should be treated with caution when using pills to increase potency. It should be noted that depending on the dosage, the sample packs are divided into test pack, super test pack and extra super test pack generic. Levitra, Viagra and Cialis at a reasonable price and without advance payment is possible! We guarantee fast and confidential delivery of pills to your home.

Effects of generic drugs on the body

All of the above drugs that are included in the test packs have the exact same mechanism of action. They improve blood flow to the genitals and thereby cause an erection. The only difference is the dosage and the time of the action. In addition to all of this, when choosing a sample pack, the general condition of the body and the presence of contraindications are very important.

         Contraindications to using Generica test packages:

1. Heart failure.

2. Low blood pressure.

3. Age under 18 years.

4. Individual intolerance.

All of these test packages are suitable for beginners and for those who like to experiment with pills to increase potency.

Why do we need pills for impotence?

When you buy generic drugs for yourself, you get a guarantee of activity for many years. Nothing better relieves stress after a hard day's work or arguments like good sex. Correct and stable sex life together with the world of generics not only prolongs pleasure but also saves life. Over time, the released sexual tension will give youth and will become a promise of excellent mood and predisposition to life situations. Solving intimate problems in men helps restore and significantly improve potency. The strengthening of male potency becomes part of a full life and the most important sign of male viability. The strength of the potency determines the frequency of occurrence and the duration of the erection, as well as the characteristics and the duration of the sexual act.

Everyone is able to be healthy, and a healthy man is simply forced to live a full sex life. In his early youth and age, a man should not grow old and lose his male power sexually. Generics are created to make the male organism normal again:

 stimulate the hormonal system;

 increase the volume of semen;

 Reduce refractory periods between erections;

 Increased sperm motility.

We wish everyone love and health!