What is Zyban generic?
Zyban genericZyban - this is the first tool aimed at the recovery from nicotine addiction. The main active component of the drug bupropion is acting on the part of the brain that is responsible for joy. Zyban UNIDEP SR-150 is very popular among Europeans and Americans who are trying to get rid of the smoking habit. In the beginning, the drug was known as Wellbutrin, and with its help it treated depression.

Zyban generic

Mechanism of action
The working principle of medicine is built on its antidepressant properties. When a person quits smoking, the main component of the drug prevents the disappearance of the body of dopamine - the hormone of pleasure. So quitting smoking does not feel discomfort, but this is the first step towards success. Zibanoma cure differs from other nicotine replacement therapy medications because the Bupriona action targets exactly those parts of the brain that support the amount of dopamine required by the blood. That is why SR-150 specialists called Zyban UNIDEP to get rid of the most effective means of nicotine addiction.

First of all, the medication needs to be done as long as you don't stop smoking. It won't hurt. The duration of treatment is 7-9 weeks. In the first week of the drug used 1 tablet a day and since the 8th day - 2 tablets. It was necessary to stop smoking after the first few weeks of the drug. Tablet desirable to drink water. It shouldn't tear or dissolve. It is impossible to increase the dosage prescribed in the note on the medication. Tablets must be maintained for at least 8 hours between doses. In the event, drug allergies should stop. Bupropion increases the effect of alcohol on the body, so medication for alcohol intake should be, or at least reduce, its use to a minimum. Regardless of reducing the dose or even completely abolishing its use, it is not recommended. This should be done under medical supervision. In the event of an overdose, please contact your doctor or call an ambulance. If the drug passed the next part of it, only after 8 hours. Doubling the dose may not be one-time, as Zyban generic overdose can have a negative impact on health. More details can be found in the notes on dosage.