How much Levitra should i take?

How to take Levitra Following these brief instructions on how to take Levitra, you will take Levitra correctly and get the maximum effect after taking the sexual enhancer.

Levitra is available in 2.5 mg, 5 mg, 10 mg and 20 mg pills. We advise dividing Levitra 20 mg into four parts and taking 5 mg first to see how the medicine works, then the dose can be increased to 5 mg, but only if 5 mg does not work well. Men over 65 and those taking other medicines can even take a smaller dose. Please consult your doctor regarding the best dosage for your specific situation.

The less you take Levitra, the better it is. The smaller doses have fewer side effects. Also, if a smaller dose will work for you, a larger dose will probably not work better.

The most economically effective way to buy Levitra is to buy Levitra 20mg. Use the tablet divider (sold in every pharmacy) to divide the tablet into four parts (5 mg each part). Try 5 mg first. If such a dose does not work, you can take 10 mg or 20 mg - the maximum dose of Levitra. You must not take more than the maximum dose of Levitra. The sexual enhancer will not work better and this is not safe because the sexual enhancer has not been approved in higher doses,

Levitra is absorbed more slowly by older men, especially those over 65 years of age. In this way, they can have the same benefits even at lower doses. Taking some medicines can also make the lower dose more adaptable. Before taking Levitra, talk to your doctor about any other medicines you are taking.

How often can I take Levitra?

You shouldn't take Levitra more than once a day. (Wait at least 24 hours before taking the sexual enhancer again). Levitra should not be taken with other sexual enhancers, such as Viagra or Cialis. The maximum dose of Levitra is 20 mg.

How quickly does Levitra start to work?

Levitra can start working for 15 minutes after ingestion, but sometimes it can take up to an hour. Very fat food can increase the absorption time of the sexual enhancer a bit.

How long does Levitra work?

The main effect of Levitra lasts up to 4 hours. Some men can see lasting effects of one to two days.

Can Levitra be taken by women?

Levitra has not been carefully tested or approved for use by women. No woman should take Levitra without consulting a gynecologist.

Individual women have had success after taking Viagra, and research has shown that this sexual enhancer has some positive effects. As with men, Viagra does not increase interest in sex, but it can increase blood flow to the genital organs, which enables women to have a greater sexual desire and increases the likelihood of orgasm. Since Levitra works similarly to Viagra, this sexual enhancer might work just as well for women.

Even if Levitra and Viagra can affect women, this effect is hardly going to be very effective. Female sexual satisfaction is complicated and unlike men, where the erection, as a rule, is already considered a successful appearance, depends on many factors.

Can I take Levitra with the alcohol?

Yes, Levitra works very well even after taking a moderate amount of alcohol and is safe. Nevertheless, the sexual enhancer has not been tested for harmlessness after taking large amounts of alcohol and alcoholism is a known cause of erectile dysfunction. Therefore, drink moderately if you plan to take Levitra.

There are no warnings regarding the use of the sexual enhancer with alcohol on the officially confirmed user guide that comes with Levitra, and some research has been done in connection with it. It seems that if Levitra is taken with a moderate amount of alcohol, the effectiveness of the sexual enhancer will not be reduced.

There is the report regarding Levitra and alcohol:

In the randomized, double-blind, three-double crossed examination, Levitra 20 mg was taken orally with the alcohol (0.5 g / kg in 200 ml of orange juice) or as a placebo.

The results showed that the effects of Levitra are not actually affected by alcohol.

Can I take Levitra with food?

Yes, Levitra works well even after eating, although eating fat can prolong the absorption of Levitra.

The most popular distinguishing feature of Levitra sold is that there is no need to adjust its diet to take Levitra. But the effects of Levitra can be delayed by eating fat. Therefore, if you don't want to take the sexual enhancer on an empty stomach, you can order fish and vegetables and not steak and roast.

Here is the report regarding Levitra and food:

In the randomized crossed examination, Levitra 20 mg was taken on an empty stomach at 8:00 a.m. and immediately after a high-fat breakfast (57 percent fat), or at 6:00 p.m. on an empty stomach and after moderately fat eating (30 percent fat).

The results showed that the effects of Levitra were not affected by the food, except for cases with high-fat food (more than 55 percent). In this situation, the effect of the sexual enhancer was postponed to an hour.