Is it possible for men to continue increasing potency after 60 years? It turns out, yes! In our time, a person ages much more slowly than his ancestors 50-100 years ago. In addition, the achievements of modern medicine allow reproductive skills to be preserved for a long time.

In the article:

• Features of how the male reproductive system works in 60-year-old men

• Which factors lead to a decrease in potency

• How can you increase potency in 60 years?

Features of how the male reproductive system works in 60-year-old men

Fortunately for men, the age group's activity in their reproductive system is less limited than the state of sexual function in women. If menopause becomes an inevitable phenomenon at some point in women, then a man can become a father at a fairly old age and not just up to 60 years. Evidence of this is an article about Star Fathers after sixty years.

Nevertheless, men's health is not as reliable after 60 years as it is with 20-30 year olds. As retirement age approaches, a person may feel that it takes two or three times longer to excite him than during a period of turbulent youth. The penis during foreplay is not as intense, there are other signs of age-related changes in the sexual sphere:

1. At maximum excitement, the penis does not reach the same size.

2. In order to achieve an adequate erection, additional effort and tricks are required.

3. When approaching and starting ejaculation sensations can become less pronounced and more alive.

4. After the orgasm, the penis relaxes very quickly and it takes a long time to restore it.

5. Eggs reduce volume, lose elasticity.

6. The skin of the scrotum is visibly limp.

Even in 60-year-old men, as a rule, the ability to fertilize decreases, which is associated with a decrease in the production of spermatozoa and a deterioration in their mobility. As a result, the chances of becoming a father are significantly reduced, though not all representatives of the stronger sex.

Which factors lead to a decrease in potency

1. Decrease in testosterone production due to age-related changes in the body and weakening of the glands of internal secretion.

2. Worsening of the condition of the blood vessels that supply blood to the penis. Vascular walls can form plaques, which in turn arise from malnutrition and various metabolic disorders.

3. The influence of bad habits: alcohol on the potency of men, prolonged smoking.

4. Psychological reasons, such as worsening of relationships with your life-mate, loss of external attractiveness, lack of novelty in intimate relationships.

Because of these and other conditions, more than half of all 60-year-olds of the larger sex have some manifestations of erectile dysfunction or partial impotence.

How to increase potency in 60 years

The recovery of potency after 60 years is quite possible. It is only necessary to make some efforts that are not limited to any method of influence, but by using a whole complex of the most effective methods. The best way to increase potency in old age is through the following methods:

1. Get rid of the chronic diseases that often affect almost all representatives of the stronger sex at the time of retirement. Such violations as atherosclerosis, diabetes, prostatitis, liver disease, hypothyroidism, significantly reduce sexual desire and affect the quality of the erection. After a well-chosen course of treatment, not only does the general condition of the whole organism improve, but the early interest in the female gender wakes up.

2. Use of special potentia stimulants. In some cases, the restoration of potency will help the external "push", the inclusion of special pills, to dramatically improve the sexual ability of men for a period of time. Such pills not only increase potency, but also, if necessary, prolong intercourse, which greatly improves the quality of intimate life. The daily administration of small doses of Cialis was very popular. The effect of the drug lasts up to 36 hours and the patient gets self-confidence. To prolong the duration of sexual intercourse, you will be helped by wonderful Stop Ejac (dapoxetine) pills.

3. A change in diet. Unlike 30-year-old foods that are recommended to eat more sour cream, chicken eggs, and other high-calorie foods, the main goal of a 60-year-old man's diet is to protect the body from atherosclerosis and other dangerous diseases. Therefore, it is desirable that the diet should have more low-calorie vegetables and fruits and less fat and semi-finished products. Products such as honey and nuts for potency, you can eat regularly, but in small amounts and in the absence of contraindications or allergic manifestations.

4. Use in practice Exercises to increase potency. The most famous among them is Kegel exercises for men who are involved in alternating relaxation and contraction of the muscles in urination. In addition, the potency is positively influenced by exercises on the press, long walks, cardio (after consulting a doctor).

5. A certain periodicity of intimate contacts. Of course, it is not necessary to have sex strictly on the calendar, but it is advisable not to allow long breaks that can lead to a loss of confidence in your male skills and a decrease in potency. The optimal frequency of intimate contacts for 60 year olds is from once a week - two to once a month or less.

6. Refusal to smoke and excessive alcohol consumption. Getting rid of bad habits improves the general condition of the body, increases the tone of all organs, increases the blood supply to the penis, which leads to increased sexual desire.

7. The sex therapist can help, because this specialist is aware of the reasons for the decrease in sexual desire at any age and knows the ways out of many family conflicts.

It is difficult to name the most effective and fastest means of strengthening potency in old age as avanafil. But it is better to approach this intimate problem in a complex way and start healing your body, normalizing nutrition, increasing physical activity, and taking the means that eliminate the nutrient level. In this case, the potency will be more stable and long-lasting, and the intimate life will be more lively and unforgettable, as in the young years.