Men who are actively involved in cycling and riding can have potency problems. This has been reported by German scientists who have carried out a study on sport harmful to the male body. To avoid sexual problems, experts recommend using wide saddles and trying to change the pose more often while driving. The thing is that after physical exertion, the testosterone level drops significantly, which in turn negatively affects libido.

But in this article, we'll look at this topic from a different perspective. Let us turn to a science like anatomy. Nature has foreseen everything for our health and longevity. The hip bones, which lift particularly important parts of the body when riding, are among the advantages of Mother Nature. And our ancestors were very educated in using hard seats. In this case, the reproductive organs do not sink into the saddle, but are supported by the hip bones. In the opposite case, we are immersed in the bones in a soft seat, and our step is directly on it.

People don't think about this problem, if they are stuck in traffic they sit at home for hours. All this in a soft car seat or on a soft sofa. You can add a sedentary job, as well as a less active lifestyle and a short time outdoors. If everyone used a bicycle and horses as a means of transportation, how much would it benefit! First, health is only good for such walks, as is the environment. The active supply of oxygen to the lungs has a positive effect on the entire metabolic process in the body. Why is the damage caused by riding a lot of men? Isn't it better to think about its usefulness?

       How and by what the horse treats

Hippotherapy is really universal. Children and adults can suffer from diseases such as

• violation of posture;

• the first stage of joint arthrosis;

• chronic prostatitis;

• cerebral palsy;

• Multiple sclerosis;

• neuroses;

• Condition after blows

• some gynecological diseases;

• prophylaxis of prostate adenoma;

• Report emergency status.

Scientists have found that the horse transmits about a hundred vibratory impulses to the rider for one minute. Complex movements of the horse's back muscles massage the legs and organs of the small pelvis. Rhythmic swaying is useful for those who have lost walking ability. Since the temperature of the horse is one and a half to two degrees higher than the temperature of the person, a kind of "heated massage" is achieved. It has long been proven that the lungs, blood and muscles work at full strength while driving; the brain is enriched with oxygen. Due to this effect, special programs for the rehabilitation of patients with heart attacks and strokes have even been developed.

Riding a horse stimulates the development of fine motor skills, contributes to the formation of complex, precise movements. There is such a comparison: "Riding is like drawing four paintings at once: the rider is forced to pull one by one with both hands and feet." This important effect of hippotherapy cannot be achieved by any other motor treatment method. In addition to improving physical condition, communication with the horse and the horse can reduce stress. And as we know, stress is one of the most important reasons to reduce sexual desire.

Hippotherapy develops your own importance and strength when a patient with reduced physical abilities gets rid of a wheelchair or crutches and is able to move and handle a powerful animal. In addition, the position on horseback is advantageous: "I am up and they are down." Therefore, horses are used to increase people's self-esteem and relieve depression.

         A horse instead of a pill?

Most importantly, this method is not medically treated, it has no side effects, unlike many expensive drugs. Of course, this is not a panacea for all diseases. Hippotherapy cannot solve all problems at once. A whole complex of treatment is needed. In addition, with an illiterate approach, it is capable of doing harm.

Now about contraindications:

• Fear;

• allergy to wool;

• violation of the integrity of human skin;

• acute inflammatory infectious diseases.

In any case, it is necessary to consult a doctor before hippotherapy. Sometimes it's sad to hear stories that doctors sometimes don't even know about this method.

Hippocrates recommended melancholy to ride because it frees a person from "dark thoughts" and causes "cheerful and clear thoughts". And the Caucasian climbers have been riding for centuries.

Therapeutic riding centers have been established in 45 countries in Europe and North America. In the Netherlands, Sweden and the UK, this method is under the patronage of royal families. There are about 30 such institutions only in Poland.

Experience for potency is a waste of time when a person rolls with the mind. Many women and children share their father's fascination. Active relaxation for the whole family is undoubtedly a useful and fascinating activity.