Erectile dysfunction is one of the most serious life tests for men. When a man feels that he is unable to fully respond to feminine beauty and sexually satisfy a woman, he risks not only earning complexes for himself, but also striking with a long depression. Despite the fact that 95% of all cases are curable.

As a woman can help her husband not to depress and overcome an insidious illness, we will tell about it now. There are many reasons for erectile dysfunction, but they can all be divided into two large groups: physiological and psychological.

            The following are physiological:

    1. Diabetes mellitus

Damage to the nerves and blood vessels in the body and penis that affect their normal function.

    2. Blood circulation disorder

They appear due to the compression of the aorta, high blood pressure, heart disease, a group of medications (sedatives, antispasmodics, diuretics, anti-flu pills), drinking alcohol, cigarettes, drugs.

    3. Diseases of the nervous system

It is difficult to transmit signals from the brain and vertebral nerves, so the mechanisms of erection and ejaculation are fundamentally violated. For example, an erection can be quick but weak and ejaculation prematurely (before sexual intercourse or as a result of erotic display).

     4. Hormone disorders

With low testosterone levels, sexual attraction is blocked. The decrease in testosterone levels may be due to liver disease, kidney disease, and excessive production of female hormones, prolactin, and estrogens. Female hormones are more commonly produced by whole men.

      5. Excessive active physical activity

Moderate physical activity - digging the garden, carrying bags with products, running, swimming, yoga increase potency; Bodybuilding and other strenuous constant loads limit men's sexual ability.

    6. Improper eating habits

Coffee and caffeinated drinks persuade the nervous system, overload it, and if the nervous system is not healthy, the potency also suffers. Potencies also damage white bread, pasta, cereals and potatoes. They give you excess weight and reduce potency. The potency of sausage and sausage products will not help either.

      Psychological reasons include:

    1. Weakening psychological affinity between spouses.

The extinction of feelings often occurs on a subconscious level, and therefore the wrong spouse is inclined to choose small things and to blame his wife for potency problems: "You have recovered a lot!", "You have cellulite, it does not excite me "," I'm boring with you, do a striptease. Striptease you don't dance well, you are thin / fat. ".

Often the spouses are no longer a team and focus only on themselves. For example, the wife is so focused on herself that she stops noticing her husband's problems at work, with relatives, etc. A man can view this behavior as a loss of interest in himself and his life.

    2. No novelty in sex.

Sex in a position on the same couch, the same kind of sexual roles and caresses that can be more boring? If the spouse does not get new impressions and emotions from physical affinity, it will be more difficult for him to maintain a sexual desire for his wife.

    3. Stress

Overwork at work, stress from building a career and business, as well as idle traffic jams and other factors undermine the men's nervous system. They sleep little, eat irregularly, lack vitamins and minerals and rarely go outside. Stress gradually accumulates when there is no outlet.

What should a woman do in this case? Was not provoked by a man. A man just wants to shift responsibility to you. Maybe he's panicked about his illness, and maybe your feelings towards him have died out. What to do? A man doesn't need sex now, but a feeling of unity, psychological intimacy, emotions. Communicate with your husband about his problems, work, parents health, dreams, plans, about childhood, students, about the future. We are sure that you will discover many new things. Share funny stories. Bring friendship back to your family!

No novelty in sex.

Solution: in sex all ways are good if they make you happy. If your husband is healthy physiologically or he has small deviations, he will like your initiative. Change the role of the passive participant in a passionate mistress, buy an outfit that the spouse wants. It doesn't have to be sexy underwear. Someone likes an elegant long dress that highlights the lurking passion in you. Take a trip on vacation. It is known that new places give new emotions and promote sensuality. Prepare your husband for a bath with sea salt, massage lightly or meet him in a new way. In a word, distracts him from problems and negative thoughts. If a man wants to share, support the conversation, but don't give advice. Show that you are close, always support you and believe that he absolutely has to cope with everything.

        It is not necessary for women to treat a husband with folk remedies, medical preparations without consulting a doctor. • Get the man to use drugs! It is also desirable to reduce consumption or even give up alcohol and cigarettes.

• You cannot ignore your husband's problem. Avoid phrases like, "So what? You like me and you like you."

• To panic, to show excessive persistence, to intimidate the husband. • Don't tell your husband that he doesn't satisfy you, blame you for sexual impotence, etc.

• Require marriages on schedule.

• Act yourself in flagellation, take the man's problems at your own expense. And they also accuse their husband that he lost interest in you, changed his orientation, or a mistress appeared.

• Do not discuss the problem with other people.

         7 tips for women whose husbands suffer from erectile dysfunction.

1. Be tactful. For men, the problems of a sex plan are catastrophic, so all jokes can only exacerbate the situation.

2. Tell your husband that you are always on his side and ready to help and support in a difficult moment.

3. Inform that in 70% of cases the problems associated with potency are physiological in nature and can be consequences of the most common diseases. And 95% of the cases are treated.

4. Discuss sexual problems outside the bedroom. And not immediately after an unsuccessful contact, but after a few days or weeks. Everything can be adjusted during this time.

5. Treat the male fainting problem as a normal task that needs to be solved together.

6. If an erection is not yet possible, do not waste time, but try to find other means of maintaining intimacy.

7. Don't stop communicating emotionally with your spouse, he shouldn't feel lonely.

Health and love!