Interesting facts about potency

Based on the statistics, the time to reach an erection is 3-8 seconds, the average ejaculation speed is 45 km / h, the volume of sperm flowing out is about a teaspoon, the concentration is 20 million spermatozoa per milliliter.

More sleep - better erection

It is known that practically all testosterone is produced at night in the deep sleep phase. Therefore, it is important to provide the most comfortable sleeping conditions for maximum testosterone production. Sleep 6-8 hours a day.

The desire for the opposite sex depends on testosterone

A person's sexual activity depends entirely on the presence of libido. And testosterone plays an important role in this. The higher the level of testosterone in the blood, the stronger the male libido.

Sunlight stimulates sexual activity

Sunlight plays a key role in the production of testosterone and sexual desire in the stronger sex. Studies show that spring and summer, with their early sunrises, are the times of the year when maximum testosterone production is observed in male organisms. That's why we all want love in spring! Well, in July, when the sun is shining most intensely in our students, the sex drive is particularly strong.

The profession affects potency

The lack of physical activity, stress and an unbalanced diet harms the privacy. Therefore, representatives of disciplines that lead a fixed lifestyle and are often exposed to stress should pay attention to a healthy sleep, at least 8 hours, to outdoor exercise and to sports that aim to improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system.

Oral sex makes it bigger Studies have shown that oral sex improves erection much more than anything else. And there is even evidence that the size of the penis is increasing for men who have oral sex regularly.

Beer affects male potency

The most sophisticated blow to male sexual power is beer. In addition to alcohol, it contains phytoestrogens - female sex hormones. Beer belly in a man is an indicator of the onset of obesity in the female type.

Size matters

Here we mean the size of the body. In overweight men, testosterone levels are significantly lower, which affects erection. So keep in shape.

To avoid problems with potency: • Avoid stress and overexertion • Monitor your weight

• Move more

• Avoid smoking. Smoking causes arteriosclerosis!

• If you plan to take medication to restore potency, choose natural products that do not harm your health. • Carry out a medical examination in good time.

Which sports are useful for male potency?

There is an opinion that professional sport negatively influences such an indicator of male power as potency. At the same time, we are all used to the fact that sport is pure health.

So what do those who want to play sports enjoy and do not harm their sex lives? You should choose the sport that is most suitable for you and can only benefit, since a moderate physical exertion is necessary for each person.

Which sport should I prefer?

Aerobic running and walking can help prevent impotence. They strengthen the cardiovascular system and this is important in sex. Even harmless sports can be assigned to jogging, tennis, jumping rope, fencing, sports dancing. For men, all physical exercises to strengthen the back, pelvic floor, buttocks, thighs and stretching muscles are useful. It is not superfluous, if possible, to buy a subscription to the ice rink or the pool, as skating or roller skating and swimming have a positive effect on men's strength.

Exercise contributes to the development of testosterone, without which it is impossible to conduct normal intercourse, improves the supply of blood to the genital organs, which affects the resistance of the erection. While doing power exercises in the gym, you can also significantly increase the level of hormones, but the main thing here is not to overdo it. And the most effective form of physical activity that strengthens and improves potency is recognized as yoga. The benefits of aerobic jogging and weight training fade away against the background of the results that can be achieved with the help of yoga. All because it is not just a complex of special exercises, but also breathing, meditation, nutrition and many other aspects. To go in this direction, you absolutely have to be serious and conscious.

The most harmful sports for potency

If a man is an athlete, it does not mean that he has no problems in sex life. Canadian scientists have compiled a list of sports that negatively affect potency, and everyone should know about them. Just don't think the following activities are absolutely unacceptable for men. It is only necessary to approach the training with the mind, to follow existing rules and recommendations, and then nothing can affect your male strength.

• Cycling - Sitting in the saddle, the blood vessels responsible for the blood supply to the prostate are pinched, which can lead to impotence.

• Equestrian sport - the rider risks in his position without remaining offspring.

• Weight lifting. Especially when there are special medications (stimulants, anabolic steroids, etc.).

• All sedentary sports such as rowing or chess are pinched by the pelvic organs in this position.

The topic "sport and potency" has been studied in medical centers around the world for many years. In fact, it is very important in sports, not what you do, but how you do it. You don't have to go to extremes and allow grueling workouts after which there isn't enough energy, not just for sex, but generally for nothing. And note that this affects not only the reproductive system, but your entire body as a whole. Each of you should understand that amateur sport or physical education is much more beneficial to health than any professional sport for the sake of results and victories. Do your favorite sport for your pleasure and be healthy!