Even with young men in our turbulent times, there are problems with erection and this can have various reasons. For men under 40, this is often a sedentary lifestyle, malnutrition, and bad habits. In men after 40-45 years, a decrease in sexual activity is generally a natural process, but it's not a judgment either, and it's still far from age. Anyway, but few people flee to a doctor with a similar problem and even in a pharmacy for the advertised means to rarely rush to increase potency.

If the real reason is not health problems (cardiovascular disease, diabetes, neurological disorders like fatigue, nervous tension or stress), then it will be enough to restore male health to build an adequate diet, taking the products to increase the The focus is on potency "Everything will work like a clock." One such useful product is garlic. Don't throw your nose or brush those "stinky" vegetables away! For a man, garlic is a good friend and helper.

The ancient Greeks believed that man is what he eats. And that makes sense. To date, we all know that there are products that support the naming system and have a positive effect on all human organs. And the male body is no exception. Garlic for the potency of men has been used for a long time, and today the recipes of traditional medicine are also relevant. And if you are overtaken by this problem, don't go to the pharmacy for Viagra right away, refer to the garlic and the result will surprise you.

A promise of quality erection and high potency is a purely elastic vessel. To ensure that the penis is sufficiently firm at the time of excitation, an unimpeded flow of blood is required to fill the erectile tissue of the organ. In most cases, the food vessels are fragile and weak, the lumen is narrowed due to the abundance of cholesterol deposits. For this reason, not only the potency suffers, but also the prostate. The sexual health of men depends directly on the condition of the cardiovascular system, on which garlic has a beneficial effect.

       Properties of garlic:

• strengthens the immune system through the content of vitamins PP, C, B2, B6, trace elements and essential oils;

• contributes to the normalization of the nervous system due to the high content of thiamine (vitamin B1);

• protects against bacteria that are particularly valuable in bacterial prostatitis etiology;

• strengthens and cleans the vessel walls, makes them more permeable and elastic;

• is an effective adaptogen that increases the body's ability to withstand harmful external factors;

 • dilutes blood;

• Stimulates testosterone production;

• reduces cholesterol, prevents thrombosis;

• neutralizes one of the main causes of tumor development - free radicals.


The effect of garlic on male potency is good when mixed with certain products. For example with an apple, a carrot and a spoonful of honey. Ingredients, except honey, must be crushed. This mixture is enough for just one day, there are very few components. You have to use it twice, the first time it is desirable to do this before breakfast. To prepare the next mixture, you need to grind walnuts (300 grams), hazelnuts (100 grams), rose hip powder (100 grams), cooked garlic (100 grams) and Rhodiola Rosea Rhizome (50 grams). The components are mixed, they add a kilogram of honey and the mixture is ready. It should be eaten once a day in the amount of a tablespoon after one of the three main meals.

Improve the potency of the tincture based on garlic. For cooking you need: a glass of 3 liters; boiled water - 3 liters; fresh garlic in purified form - 1 kg. It is necessary to chop all the cloves of garlic, put them in a glass, boil water and pour the garlic with boiling water. The bench should be closed very tightly, it is recommended to place it in a dark place. The remedy should last for a month. It should be drunk once a day by adding only 1 teaspoon of milk to the glass. To get an excellent therapy result, it is best to drink the remedy before it is over.


It is necessary to combine 500 ml of vodka or the same amount of alcohol (70%) with 1 kg of pre-cleaned, chopped garlic. Mix all the ingredients in a three liter jar and put it in a dark place. Insist 7 days, then take a tablespoon three times a day. As a rule, the course of treatment with garlic tinctures is carried out once a year.

Baths with garlic have a beneficial effect on the condition of the vessels. The water temperature should not exceed 37 degrees. Contraindication is prostate cancer and prostate adenoma. Never use water that is too hot. The calculation of the amount of vegetables is simple - 150 grams per 3 liters of liquid. Enema is often used to improve the prostate. For this, 100 grams of garlic are ground, 250 ml of warm milk poured in. The mixture is infused for approximately two hours and then filtered. An enema is best before bed.