Experience in sex is not the most pleasant due to the dryness of the vagina? You don't feel like being in bed with your loved one? Then you will help female Viagra. A few minutes after taking the medication increases blood flow to the female genitals, increasing their sexual arousal and the degree of "vagueness" of the vagina. In addition, blood flow will increase the sensitivity of the nerve endings, which will surely give you an unearthly feeling.

Female Viagra (Lovegra) - a popular drug that helps solve many problems in women, including lack of sexual desire and sexual dysfunction.

Product form: 4 tablets in blister packs, each 100 mg

Active ingredient: 100 mg sildenafil

Country: India

The entire adult population of our country is familiar with Viagra. And the vast majority of the drug is solely linked to the increase in potency in men. However, it is not - or rather, not entirely. Relatively, a product by Canadian scientists that focused exclusively on women - generic women - recently appeared on the market. After all, many women suffer from the fact that they have reduced sexual desires, they keep coming up with "headaches", "critical days", if only to avoid intimacy. With the advent of this new product, everyone needs something to come along with - it is now possible to enjoy sex to the fullest.

Because of the female Viagra not only increases libido, but also self-confidence, there is sexual liberation that was previously lacking. Buy Female Viagra in our online shop.

Mechanism of action
The basic scheme of female Viagra - increase blood flow to the genitals, similar to the men's formula. The woman turned into a "goddess of love" and was a real pleasure from sex, it should be right and a lot to excite. Staying in sexual arousal, the woman literally "glows", it appears to blush on the face, the skin turns pink, the lips slightly swollen, the vagina is moistened, and the clitoris swells more. This transformation - is not only a powerful effect of female sex hormones, which stimulate the blood more powerfully in the body, especially to circulate blood flow to the genitals. Generic women eliminate bad blood circulation in intimate places pretty quickly.

In order to achieve the desired effect, the 1 dose of 50 mg tablet is taken for half an hour before sexual intercourse. The effect achieved lasts up to 5 hours. Although single approach requires the correct dosage when determining. The daily dose can either be increased to 100 mg or reduced to 25 mg.

Side effects
Side effects of the drug are negligible. This includes dizziness, headache, "ebb and flow", visual disturbances, nasal congestion.