Kamagra Oral Jelly

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100 mg x 71 Pack1 Pack45 €
100 mg x 72 Packs2 Packs80 €
100 mg x 73 Packs3 Packs104 €
Kamagra Oral Jelly
Dosage: 100 mg x 7
Postpayment: 1 Pack
Prepayment: 1 Pack
45 €
Kamagra Oral Jelly
Dosage: 100 mg x 7
Postpayment: 2 Packs
Prepayment: 2 Packs
80 €
Kamagra Oral Jelly
Dosage: 100 mg x 7
Postpayment: 3 Packs
Prepayment: 3 Packs
104 €

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Active component: Sildenafil citrate  
Producer: Ajanta, India

Kamagra Oral Gel covers analogous agents like Viagra and acts in the same way. Indian company Ajanta Pharma produced this medicine that has a GMP Certificate and recognized by the Indian Health Ministry.   Sildenafil Citrate in the form of gel is an analogue of standard Sildenafil Citrate. It is intended for men with potency disorders. The gel penetrates directly into blood stream. Even a tiny dose of gel is sometimes enough to reach a desired outcome. Oral gel Kamagra® like Viagra is intended for erectile dysfunction. You can choose 7 tastes: strawberry, orange, pineapple, blackberry, banana, vanilla and caramel. 

Gel is taken orally 15-25 minutes prior to copulation. Drinking alcohol is prohibited!   

Side effects:
- Headache
- Slight nasal stuffiness or  running nose 
- Cardiology



Kamagra gel

Kamagra gel is like a generic of a well-known Viagra. Despite a similar composition and the same active component, a new medicine varies only in a universal pharmaceutical configuration like a jelly form. It has several various aromas, and any man may choose it to his liking. A variety of tastes are offered, namely, banana or strawberry, vanilla or orange, grape or pineapple. A tasty jam will help men to forget that this is a medication assisting in erectile dysfunction. This medicine will give a confidence and force men believe in their own strength for sexual achievements by means of own body.
  Sildenafil is a main active component like in a majority of preparations for sexual vigor. Contrary to different aphrodisiacs, its task is to help with erectile dysfunction consisting in unregular blood supply to the penis. Goal of Sildenafil is to stimulate a relaxation of unstriated muscles, improve a blood stream, and slow down the velocity of a blood outflow. A stable natural erection will be a result for all of this.
  Kamagra gel is not such a popular like Viagra but it has benefits over it. Its flexible consistency dissolves fast in a mouth and is absorbed via oral mucous membranes. Consequently, the effect will come in 10 minutes, for all previous preparations it may take forty minutes.


Oral jelly kamagra

A very convenient package is developed for Kamagra jelly. A separate sachet has a dose, such an approach allows you to easily conceal it in the purse, bag and in the pocket. Not always you may know when you require it, nevertheless, it is better to think about it and to order kamagra jellies beforehand to have it always at hand.
  When a scheduled date is approaching, you should open a sachet and consume its content. No need to take jelly kamagra along with water or dissolve so as it has its aroma that gives a real satisfaction when you take this medicine, as well as its further effect. Jelly composition ensures almost immediate dissolution and penetration of medicine, consequently, the result will come shortly. By using Kamagra oral jelly 100 mg you don’t need to schedule your intimate life and calculate the time for copulation. This medicine sets you free and allows you to take a great pleasure from surprises and pleasant dates.
By buying this sexual booster, there is no need to visit various drugstores and turn red in the queue. Just purchase online kamagra oral jelly on the condition of a full anonymity.


Kamagra 100mg oral jelly

50-100 mg is an average daily dosage of oral jelly Kamagra that is helpful for every man suffering from sexual difficulties. A dosage can be chosen individually in rare cases, more specifically, a volume of medicine intake may depend on capabilities of the organism. It is not advisable to apply jelly kamagra with food: this decrease an absorption rate, and, therefore, pushes back the action.
Kamagra 100 oral jelly benefits for those who do not get accustomed to live as scheduled and wish to enjoy the life. Putting it into the mouth with effect to salivary enzymes, the preparation takes effect in several seconds, and in 10 minutes a man will be able to give a pleasure to his girl-friend by presenting his capabilities.
It is not a difficult task to purchase Kamagra jelly, nevertheless, knowing contra indications is also required. People suffering from cardiovascular difficulties and patients after ischemic optic neuropathy cannot use it. It is prohibited to consume it along with nitrate-containing drug or alcohol. If serious contra indications do not restrict you, just purchase kamagra online and have no remembrance of erectile disorder.