Sai Avana (Avanafil)

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Features of Avanafil
According to the test made by Avana where men with various forms of erectile dysfunction were involved. The participants were divided into groups to ensure accurate results, Therefore, each group was granted a certain volume of medicines. The result was overwhelming. Even when a tiny dose allows making a copulation in 15 minutes. Furthermore, men suffering from sexual disorder were involved in the study. The study indicated that 80% of patients confirmed a betterment.


Avanafil is an active component of Avana. Avanafil causes relaxation of muscles and stimulates a blood stream to individual areas of the body.
Avanafil is intended to cure erectile disorder (impotence).
Main benefits:
Appearance of effect will act in 15 minutes, at the same time, duration constitutes up until six hours.
It should underline that the preparation:
-        has minor side effects
-        The effect takes effect as early as possible, and the action is lengthy enough
-        The medication is compatible with a greasy food and alcohol
-        The drug intake is possible more than once a day.
The main benefits of avanafil consists in the fact that it acts very fast as compared to other PDE5 inhibitors.


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