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Stop Ejac (Dapoxetin)
Dosage: 60 mg
Postpayment: 10 Pills
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58 €
Stop Ejac (Dapoxetin)
Dosage: 60 mg
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Stop Ejac (Dapoxetin)
Dosage: 60 mg
Postpayment: 30 Pills
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Stop Ejac (Dapoxetin)
Dosage: 60 mg
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Stop Ejac (Dapoxetine) is first composition developed especially for curing of rapid ejaculation (PE) for men at the age of 18–64 years old.

Active component: Dapoxetine (60mg)
Producer: India

Stop Ejac (Dapoxetine) acts by hindering serotonin transporter, increasing serotonin’s effect at post synaptic cleft, and, as a result, stimulating ejaculatory delay.


Stop Ejac Dapoxetin

Men`s health is a very unstable element to be exposed to a variety of factors. Unhealthy mode of life, tiredness, tensions may have a significant influence on the health, owing to which problems may arise in sexual life. Currently, lots of men suffer from a premature ejaculation. It does not allow you to take a pleasure from sex to the full extent, and to have a psychological inconvenience. Present-day medicines may assist you in solving these problems and make a sexual harmony much better. Stop Ejac is a dapoxetin-based medicine that can help to:
·       return the lost might;
·       strengthen a sexual drive;
·       keep a required erection level;
·       extend a copulation process.
Dapoxetin is intended for hindering a premature ejaculation (pe treatment). By using this medicine, a period from the start of frictions till culminating point increases 3-4 times. By taking a necessary dosage of this remedy, a long-term effect is expected that consists in about 10-15 hours. By purchasing dapoxetine, a memorable night can be guaranteed, and it is not necessary to have a repeated drug intake prior to each copulation.
A high efficiency of Stop Ejac medicine is well-known at the market despite the fact of a recent appearance. The principal active component is dapoxetin hydrochloride. Content of one tablet is dependable, namely, Dapoxetin 30 mg, 60 mg or 90 mg. 
For first intake of dapoxetine tablets, it is advisable to visit a doctor to clarify a dosage. We recommend starting with 30 mg and, thus, you will be able to appraise the effect of medicine on organism and intend the following actions. This dosage is also allowable for patient with problems of health and elderly men.
In case of no contraindications, Stop Ejac 60 mg is an optimal dosage. One dapoxetine tablet is sufficient to ensure a due copulation. It is advisable to do this beforehand: a full absorption happens within an hour that substantiates the time required for taking an effect. One tablet a day is permitted to take, we do not advise to exceed the dosage in order to prevent side effects.
  Dapoxetin concentration of 90 mg may be prescribed in some cases. This remedy acts even in extreme cases, and the effect lasts for approximately 15 hours. A decision about dose adjustment shall not be made on its own. This procedure is preceded by a proper medical examination and contemplation with regard to characteristics of organism.
First of all, any medication is not allowed to take without analysing contra indications. Such contra indications are also available for Dapoxetin. As a matter of fact, this preparation has age restrictions. It is prohibited to prescribe it for children under age of 18 and above 65 years old, and for women. It is prohibited to take it along with antiviral agents, antidepressant medicines, tramadol, cellulicidal inhibitors, nitrates, etc.
  People with chronic or congestive heart failures, expressed liver or kidney failures must not take dapoxetine 60 mg. The medicine intake is not allowed for patients with epilepsy and Parkinson's disease.
The medicine for curing a rapid ejaculation, namely, dapoxetine tablet, has seldom side effects. People sometimes may suffer from diarrhea or nausea, headache or a slight dizziness. These side effects are short-term and don’t require medical intervention. If you experience inconvenience for a long period, you must visit a doctor to change a remedy.
Purchasing dapoxetine online is the easiest way to get a medicine.